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We provide comprehensive assaying service to our clients dealing only with reputable and government registered assayers. The assaying laboratories use Fire Assaying for large scale purity testing. We deliver assay results within 24 hours or 48 hours in the case of a disputed result.

We deal with the largest refineries in the world who have the highest standards in assaying, refining and smelting. This service is an industry leader in terms of customer service, efficiency and quality. The refineries use cutting-edge technology and their products are accepted amongst international banks, bullions dealers, jewellers and traders worldwide.

Our location in Dubai offers providers an accessible market for trading precious metal products. The precious metals are then sold in the local and international markets for use by bullion banks, jewellers and investors. This allows us to obtain the best possible prices for our customers. We provide immediate payment to our supplier’s account in full on receipt of assay.

We have an extensive network in Africa of responsible and ethical gold and precious metals producers. Our suppliers include larger refineries, traders and miners. All our customers undergo a rigorous examination to ensure they meet our high responsible sourcing standards in accordance with the DMCC and OECD guidelines.

We pre-finance some of our consistent suppliers. This can be discussed on a case by case basis.

We partner with industry leaders in the field of global precious metals logistics to provide an end to end transport solution, with safety, insurance and efficiency being of utmost importance. We assist in logistics involved from export of country of origin and import and customs clearance in the destination country.